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Email Design

In addition to the easy to use email templates available through the online application, eDIRECTm offers custom designed email flyers and newsletter templates. Having more than 6 years experience in email marketing, eDIRECTm can help you create designs that not only look impressive, but maximise your open and click through rates, while minimising the chance of being caught in spam filters.

eDIRECTm offers ongoing layout options for your monthly newsletter or simple once of designs for special events, promotions, PR or other news releases.

Email Marketing Consulting

  • Database Acquisition

    The power of email marketing is ultimately limited by the size and quality of your database. Acquiring qualified contacts requires well thought out, targeted marketing strategies. eDIRECTm can help you with a range of acquisition services from getting your current client list cleaned and organised through to a full scale advertising campaign to gain new prospects.

  • Content Analysis

    Email content is under considerable scrutiny from SPAM filters as well as discerning email users trying to get on top of their growing email inboxes. As such subject lines, from addresses, key words, titles, pictures and body text must all be written with this in mind. User experience and data from hundreds of email campaigns as well as SPAM scoring technology, eDIRECTm is able to improve your email marketing results.

  • Campaign Strategy and Analysis

    Email campaigns involve a complex number of variables, understanding the impact of each during the setup phase and being able to analyse the metrics afterwards can deliver vastly improved response. eDIRECTm is able to help you utilise advanced features to help you get more out of each campaign.

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